Indigo Counselling and Consulting
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9913 100th Avenue
  • 9913 100th Avenue
  • Peace River, AB

  • (780) 617-2583

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    I believe that by providing a feeling and space of caring, maybe people can begin learning how to really care for themselves, to be kind, compassionate and loving to themselves. I believe if we can offer these things to ourselves (kindness, compassion, love) we will be better at offering them to others. If we can do that, we are likely to create pretty fulfilling lives of meaning and purpose.
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      9913 100th Avenue

      Peace River, AB 
      tel: (780) 617-2583
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Sharon Mailloux

Sharon Mailloux

Since 2016

I have lived in Peace River for over fourteen years (and a total of 11 more than I intended to). Being here has allowed me endless opportunities to pursue my education, career, and build a life I love living :)

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